YOURx Health LLC Website Features New Management and Hosting by Discover Web Solutions, LLC

YOURx Health LLC Website Features New Management and Hosting by Discover Web Solutions, LLC

The website’s visitors can now enjoy a first-in-class online experience

BEAUMONT, TEXAS, AUGUST 3, 2023 – The team at YOURx Health LLC is pleased to announce that they’ve named Discover Web Solutions, LLC, as the new manager and hosting service for their website.

YOURx Health LLC offers tailored health and wellness coaching services. Clients can benefit from services such as testosterone replacement therapy for men, peptide therapy, safe and effective medical weight loss, pharmacogenetics testing, and more. Clients have thus far enjoyed the customized solutions from YOURx Health LLC, which go beyond cookie-cutter health plans and directives to yield treatments that are truly designed for the client in mind.

The YOURx Health LLC website is a critical component of the company, providing current and prospective clients with a wealth of information on available services. Anyone can ask questions and connect with the company directly through the site, and the site also serves as an SEO tool, driving organic traffic from local searches to YOURx Health LLC’s digital presence.

Discover Web Solutions, LLC, is thrilled to be aboard. The web developer specializes in working with small and medium-sized businesses by boosting their online presence. This generates more traffic, leads, and customers, leading to an impressive ROI.

As a hosting solution, Discover Web Solutions, LLC, will ensure optimal uptime and functionality for visitors while also providing the ultimate in website resource and asset management. “By maintaining the YOURx Health LLC site at leading-edge standards, we are ensuring that visitors always have a smooth experience,” said Rosendo Reyna, owner of Discover Web Solutions, LLC.

Anyone who is looking for custom solutions to their unique health needs can visit the YOURx Health LLC website to learn more about the impressive lineup of solutions now available. More information can be found at YOURx Health.

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