Web Developer Rosendo Reyna Redesigns Music Printing History Website

Web Developer Rosendo Reyna Redesigns Music Printing History Website

Reyna is the founder of Discover Web Solutions, LLC., but his long-lived passion for music continues

KINGWOOD, TEXAS, NOVEMBER 2, 2020 – Rosendo Reyna has announced the redesign of his website, Music Printing History. He launched the website several years ago as part of his love for music. While he is the founder of Discover Web Solutions, LLC, Reyna is also a freelancer who recreates scores for The Orchestra of New Spain. 

This process begins with the orchestra’s director researching musical scores from the Baroque period and sending them to Reyna. Then, Reyna recreates the scores using music notation software. 

Through his work as a musician, Reyna realized that the art of music printing is essentially being lost, and he set out to create a website to preserve this history. He created the Music Printing History website to help teach others about the history of music printing, an art that Reyna says is basically extinct. 

By redesigning the Music Printing History website, Reyna hopes to bring this history to even more audiences. 

The website homepage offers an introduction into the art. “The techniques used for printing music in the Western world have varied throughout time,” says Reyna. 

On the homepage, visitors can see an online museum of music printing history that includes a look into the art during the Middle Ages. The virtual museum includes in-depth information on woodblock, a 15th century technique for printing music; music type; music engraving; lithography; photography; stencils; and more. 

The new website design makes it easier than ever for students, educators, and anyone with a love for music to learn about this interesting facet of music history while also improving SEO (search engine optimization) for better search rankings. 

The redesigned website offers a structure that allows users to find exactly what they’d like to learn about by selecting “Music Printing” on the navigational bar and choosing the specific topic they are interested in. From learning more about musicwriters to watching videos on music engraving, visitors can gain an immense insight into the history and techniques behind music printing from the Music Printing History website. More information is available at Music Printing History.

Details on Reyna’s web development company can be found at Discover Web Solutions, LLC.

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