Updated Website for Music Printing History

Updated Website for Music Printing History

KINGWOOD, TX, APRIL 22, 2016 – Discover Web Solutions, LLC announces an updated layout for Music Printing History. The update includes a similar layout to the previous website, a new logo, and a new CMS. The CMS will help ease the updates on the website. The layout was also designed for desktop, tablet, and phone in mind.

Please visit their website.

About Music Printing History

The idea for an online museum about the history of music printing did not come to fruition until December of 2007. In 1999, Rosendo Reyna began transcribing musical scores from the Baroque and Classical periods for an ensemble called Orchestra of New Spain. He was intrigued by these handwritten scores, so he decided to conduct some research in the matter. Since then he has uncovered numerous sources that he has pieced together.

In 2001, Reyna began the search for tools and equipment used for printing music. At the same time, he began researching the history of music printing and publishing. As a result of this extensive search, he has been able to acquire numerous devices and machines, some of which are extremely rare.

In the summer of 2007, Reyna began to sift through the information he had gathered. He designed a website, improved upon it, and added narration for each page. An online museum was born. He continues to gather and add information to the website and plans to make it the number one online museum for the history of music printing.

The museum welcomes any additional information, pictures, tools, and equipment that can be added to the website. If so, please contact them.

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