Mega Mex Unveils Brand New Website Design

Mega Mex Unveils Brand New Website Design

Sleek new design and easy to use features offer simple, streamlined resource for clients

HUMBLE, TEXAS, MAY 28, 2019 – The team at Mega Mex recently unveiled their new website, which features a streamlined layout that makes it easier than ever for prospective and current clients alike to discover more about the company’s offerings.

Since 1990, Mega Mex has been a leading metals distributor and exporter specializing in alloys. When it comes to nickel, stainless steel, carbon, and other alloys, Mega Mex provides world-class solutions in product forms including plate, pipe fittings flanges, sheet, bar, tube wire, and weld wire. With solutions that include heat resistance and corrosion resistance, Mega Mex offers products for various industries.

Recently, Mega Mex joined forces with the team at Discover Web Solutions, LLC with a mission of creating a brand new website.

Discover Web Solutions, LLC is an area leading web development company specializing in website design and development. As part of the Mega Mex website redesign, Discover Web Solutions, LLC integrated an impressive “Request a Quote” feature in both English and Spanish. In addition, Google Analytics and tracking code were implemented. The new Mega Mex website is now mobile-friendly to ensure that visitors can easily browse the site from virtually any device.

On the back end, Discover Web Solutions, LLC also moved the Mega Mex website from one server to another to ensure optimal run time.

Now, when clients come to the Mega Mex website, they are greeted by a simple interface that lets them easily navigate and learn about the various alloys offered by the company, tools, fabrication, the company’s history, and more. The new website will make it easier for people to contact Mega Mex and get started on orders. Plus, a chat tool lets visitors seamlessly communicate with the company’s team to ask questions, schedule appointments, and more.

Details about Discover Web Solutions, LLC can be found at Discover Web Solutions, LLC. More information about the team at Mega Mex is available at Mega Mex.

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