Houston’s Sterile Mate Debuts New Website

Houston’s Sterile Mate Debuts New Website

Sterile Mate partnered with Discover Web Solution, LLC, for new design

HOUSTON, TEXAS, APRIL 29, 2021 – Sterile Mate is a Houston, Texas, based company offering critical industrial solutions including water treatment systems, commercial cleaning systems, and medical supplies. When the company wanted to debut a new website, they decided to partner with the area’s premier agency, Discover Web Solutions, LLC.

The team at Sterile Mate wanted to ensure they had a leading-edge, user friendly website in place, and Discover Web Solutions, LLC, got straight to work. First, the Discover Web Solutions, LLC, team moved the Sterile Mate website from GoDaddy to their server. Then, they created the entire website. The new design is flawless, offering a smooth user experience that navigates them to pages displaying information about the company and all the products available from Sterile Mate. In addition, Sterile Mate now has new hosting to accommodate their users with the height of uptime and security.

Discover Web Solutions, LLC, has also created logos and labels for the company’s drinking water brand called ‘Blue Flux’. The development agency has also created brochures for Sterile Mate.

Now, it’s easy for prospective and existing customers to find the Sterile Mate website and get all the details they need about the company’s solutions for medical supplies, biohazard solutions, disinfectants, and water purification. Their website also acts as a tool for marketing because Discover Web Solutions, LLC, is helping it rank at the top of search engine results to ensure that more local and organic traffic reach the site.

Discover Web Solutions, LLC, provides world-class website design and development for businesses of all sizes and scopes, and they are especially proud to work with Texas-based small and medium size businesses such as Sterile Mate. Details on the developer can be found at Discover Web Solutions, LLC.

More information about Sterile Mate can be found at Sterile Mate.

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