Discover Web Solutions, LLC Revamps and Takes Over Hosting for Tax Guru Financial’s Website

Tax Guru Financial & Notary

Streamlined Website Recreation and Hosting Services Empower Tax Guru Financial's Online Presence in Houston

HOUSTON, TEXAS, MARCH 7, 2024 – Discover Web Solutions, LLC, a leading web development and hosting company, proudly announces the successful recreation, hosting, and management of the website

Tax Guru Financial & Notary, a reputable financial services firm serving the Houston area, approached Discover Web Solutions, LLC with concerns regarding their previous website provider’s unresponsiveness to their requests. In response, Discover Web Solutions, LLC swiftly recreated the website within a day and seamlessly transitioned hosting, ensuring minimal disruption to Tax Guru Financial & Notary’s online presence.

“We are thrilled to have been entrusted by Tax Guru Financial & Notary to revamp and manage their website,” said Rosendo Reyna, Owner of Discover Web Solutions, LLC. “Our team worked tirelessly to recreate their website promptly and efficiently. We understand the critical importance of a responsive online presence for businesses, and we are committed to delivering top-notch services to all our clients.”

Discover Web Solutions, LLC not only recreated the website but also set up hosting, implemented robust security measures, and established regular backups to safeguard Tax Guru Financial & Notary’s online assets.

“We were impressed by Discover Web Solutions, LLC’s professionalism and responsiveness,” stated Erica Brown, Owner of Tax Guru Financial & Notary. “Their ability to recreate our website promptly and seamlessly manage hosting and security exceeded our expectations. We are confident that our online presence is in capable hands.”

Discover Web Solutions, LLC continues to uphold its commitment to providing exceptional web development, hosting, and management services to businesses of all sizes.

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