B1LT Debuts All-New Website, Making Houston Fitness Easier to Access Than Ever


The new website offers studio information on training, services, and more, as well as an online booking feature

HOUSTON, TEXAS, NOVEMBER 20, 2023 – B1LT has launched a dynamic new website as part of its mission to revolutionize Houston fitness. The new website offers several features that make it easier than ever for Houstonians to learn about this local fitness studio and the services it offers.

B1LT has set its sights on promoting healthy, active lifestyles and gives people the training and empowerment they need to reach their fitness goals. When the company set out to create a new website, they turned to none other than Discover Web Solutions, LLC. This locally-based web development company specializes in working with small to medium-sized businesses. With a penchant for helping smaller brands thrive, Discover Web Solutions, LLC, provides leading-edge website design, enterprise website hosting and maintenance, and a suite of digital marketing services.

The creation of B1LT’s new website meant the integration of digital marketing strategies that aren’t as apparent to the naked eye, such as SEO (search engine optimization), but also the infusion of B1LT’s already-established branding assets. The company’s logo and colors, for instance, were carefully woven throughout the new website. The structure of the new B1LT website is easy for anyone to navigate and features easily accessible information to help existing and prospective clients get the answers to their questions. This information includes a services page, training solutions page, and gallery.

The website’s visitors can learn more about B1LT on the “About” page and can even book an appointment from the convenience of the website.

B1LT is located at 1770 Imperial Valley Dr., Houston, TX 77060, and is now accepting new clients. Learn more by visiting B1Lt, LLC.

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